Who We Are

TigerTech is poised to be a game-changer in the ‘Smart Living’ marketplace in India, with their off-the-shelf, DIY and Failsafe range of products that are “Designed for India” and focus on the Security and Safety of your home and family. The Security products work even during power failures and also without Wi-Fi, to protect you consistently, whether you are at home or outdoors.

With TigerTech, you can monitor the front door, keep a watch on your home and valuables, and even get instant emergency alerts from your loved ones when they are outside the home – all on your Smartphone to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Through our product range, we offer the new concept of “Security Anywhere.” This innovative and future-proof concept extends to provide an ever-present cocoon of safety around people, families, and communities, to protect life and property, whether they are at home or outdoors.

Our range of products includes a Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell that protects your main door, Smart Alarm Cameras to secure your homes and offices, and wearable, miniature, safety tracking devices with an inbuilt SOS buttons, that can instantly alert family and friends in any emergency. These products combine to provide you with a circle of protection regardless of where you are.

Our products obey the principles of plug and play. They require no additional wiring, rewiring or special installation; hence they seamlessly fit into older buildings and rental homes, just as easily as newly designed ones. They are failsafe, scalable, reliable and very affordable and can make any home or office smart and secure, without the additional stress of remodeling or renovation.

Why Us