What products does TigerTech provide?
We provide an entire range of Smart Home / Office Automation and Personal Safety products that make your life safe and convenient. The products secure your Home and Office from intrusions and safety hazards and also provide you with complete control of your lights and appliances on your Smartphone. You can track your family and loved ones when they are outdoors and be alerted of their location in case of emergencies. The products are wireless, failsafe, easy to install, extremely affordable and are designed for Indian conditions
Why do we need Smart Home/Office solutions?
We believe that technology should be leveraged to ensure that people and families lead a secure and comfortable life. Our complete range of wireless, failsafe, and easy to install products, protect your front door, all the areas in your home and your loved ones even when they are outdoors. It keeps you, your family and your belongings safe and secure even when you are away from your home/office. Whether you are traveling, busy or just unavailable, we ensure you have complete control of home safety, security, and automation, at very affordable costs.
What is the complete range of products available and what do they do?
We provide a complete range of products focused on providing you and your family with a safe, secure and convenient lifestyle. Our products include:
Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Replaces your existing Doorbell. Alerts you when it detects strangers, lurking outside your home and allows you to see who is at the front door. You can have a video conversation with visitors on your Smartphone from anywhere in the world.
Allows you to video monitor your home/office from anywhere in the world in 720p HD video. With built-in night vision, it protects your home or office from any unwanted intrusions – night or day. Detects any movement in a room and sends an alert on your Smartphone and records a video clip of the intrusion. The SmartCam also has 2-way video calling feature.
SmartCam Plus
A complete and failsafe home alarm system which allows you to monitor your home/office from anywhere in the world. The SmartCam Plus has a built-in battery and SIM Card facility which enables it to work during power failures and Wi-Fi failures. Powerful night vision capabilities protect your home or office from any unwanted intrusions – night or day. A high power PIR Motion sensor detects any movement and sends an alert on your Smartphone along with the video clip of the intrusion. The SmartCam Plus also has a 2-way video calling feature.
Personal SOS Tracker
A miniature wearable SOS button with an inbuilt tracker that continuously tracks the location of the person wearing the device. It allows them to send instant alerts to family and friends along with the exact location when they are in an emergency situation. It also has a two-way calling feature that allows you to call them discreetly in case of an emergency.
Smart Security Solutions for homes and offices
Protects your home or office from any unwanted intrusions. Detects opening of doors, windows, wardrobes, or any movement in a room to send you alerts on your Smartphone and trigger off the alarm.
Smart Safety and Hazard Detection Solutions for Homes and Offices
Products that monitors and ensures safety hazards continuously. The range includes sensors that detect smoke, water and cooking gas leaks.
Smart Automation Solution for Homes and Offices
This range comes with built-in advanced automation features to control pluggable devices and other electrical appliances such as lights, fans, audio-video devices, curtains, AC, geysers, etc. from your Smartphone.
How do I secure my entrance/ front door from intrusion? Can I make it smart and safe?
The Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell makes your front door intrusion-proof and ensures it is both intelligent and safe. This device gives you visibility and control of the central access point of your home and secures it comprehensively. The Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell acts as the ‘eyes and ears' of your front door. It is a doorbell, a video camera, a motion sensor and a phone – all rolled into one, and is fully integrated into your Smartphone App, which allows you to monitor it continuously. When a visitor rings the bell, you receive a notification immediately on the App and can see your visitor on your Smartphone. You can have a two-way conversation with the visitors through the doorbell's video camera and speaker, whether you are at home or away. If you want to let them in, simply click the ‘unlock' icon on the same App screen to open your smart lock (compatible lock required). The doorbell also has a motion sensor and can operate as a security camera, which automatically alerts you of any activity at your door, so you never miss anything significant and can be aware of all suspicious activities.
How is the SmartCam Plus different from others in the market?
The SmartCam Plus is one of the most advanced home and office surveillance cameras available today. It is a stand-alone video alarm system that allows users to stream live HD video from their homes & offices directly to their Smartphones. It comes with a built-in battery that keeps it active even during power failures and also has a built-in SIM Card slot which allows it to work when your Wi-Fi is down. It’s highly sensitive PIR Motion Detector instantly detects any movement and send you an alert on your Smartphone. It also automatically records a video clip of the incident and sends it to the cloud where you can view it instantly. It has advanced night vision capability which allows one to see clearly in the dark and the two-way talk facility enables you to have a video call with people at home or in your office.
I live in a 10-year-old home. How do I convert that into a Smart Home?
All TigerTech products including the TigerTech SmartHome system were specially designed for "Plug-and-Play" and can be fitted into any home - old or new - without any additional wiring or digging up walls. For converting your older home into a TigerTech SmartHome, all you need to do is:
Why do I need a Personal SOS Tracker?
Most of us and our families spend a lot of time outside of our homes – whether it is your partner commuting to office late at night, children going to school, parents going out alone or pets going for a walk. At such times, we all depend on the cell phone to make calls in case of emergencies. But mobile phones are often the first thing to get snatched away and then we are left completely unprotected. A Personal SOS Tracker has a host of functions to ensure help is just a click away.
How can the Personal SOS Tracker help when you forget the cell phone at home, or it is snatched away in an emergency situation?
The Personal SOS Tracker is a miniature, wearable, SIM card based device that acts as your hidden guardian whenever your loved ones step outdoors and are faced with an emergency. It is a “stand-alone” personal security device and does not need a Smartphone to work. The Personal SOS Tracker provides you with accurate location details (within 5 to 20 meters) of the person carrying the device. In case of an accident or emergency, when access to the mobile phone is lost, you can alert your family by pressing the SOS button on the Tracker for 3 seconds. This will send an emergency notification to all the listed numbers with the exact location and provides immediate assistance. The Personal SOS Tracker will also automatically dial pre-programmed emergency phone numbers for a two-way phone conversation. Your family can also call the tracker using a “listen-in” function just to see if you are ok. The Tracker also supports a “Geo-Fence” feature, which allows you to draw a “Virtual” boundary around any particular area on a map through the App. If the person carrying the device steps outside that area, the SOS Tracker will automatically send alerts to you based on which you can check their exact location and speak to them. This device is very useful for ensuring your partner makes it back home safely no matter how late it is. It also makes sure older parents going out in the neighborhood on their own or young children coming back from school, or pets going for their walks don’t get lost.
Why should I buy TigerTech products instead of your competitors?
Our products have been specially developed for Indian conditions, and most of our security products have been created to overcome challenges like frequent power failures, fluctuating Wi-Fi and weather conditions. We are also the only company that provides an entire range of SmartHome products for the front door, home security, home automation and personal safety. All the products are extremely affordable without any compromises on quality or features. All our products are also created as purely plug and play devices and are designed for quick and easy installation by the users themselves. We also have a support team based in India, who can help you through any troubleshooting if required.
Where can I buy the TigerTech product range?
You can buy our products online on our website and also on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Shopclues. We will soon launch our products in major retail stores and through dealers across India. Please write to us at contact@tigertechlabs.com for updates and do check the Partners page for retailing and dealership opportunities.
Do I need to get a professional installer for these products?
Installing TigerTech products is like installing a Printer or Router. If you are comfortable doing this, you can install our products without a professional installer.
Do I need special wiring?
No. You do not have to dig up the walls or install new wiring as all our products are wireless and/or battery operated or plug & play.
What tools do I need to install?
Typically, you will need the same tools you need to install/replace a printer or router: a pair of pliers, screwdriver, and AC power detector is enough.
Can I move the products with me from one location to another?
Yes, our products are entirely portable and can move along with you.