Our Story

The sheer population of our country puts a massive stress on civic infrastructure. Proactive surveillance, safety, and security tend to be a challenge in most places. With the influx of the population to cities, these public systems get overtaxed daily. After witnessing a series of many unfortunate incidents, we often wondered what could we do to secure the safety of our family and loved ones. A complete range of state-of-the-art home security and automation products for our homes and offices seemed to be the perfect answer to our concerns. However, most off-the-shelf products available locally were costly, and others did not have any support centers in India. In case of troubleshooting, we were helpless! The inspiration behind starting TigerTech was this feeling of vulnerability and powerlessness.

Our mission is to make personal safety affordable and accessible for everyone. Whether you live in a rented apartment or your own home – our solutions can solve all your safety and security concerns and also provides you with the convenience and comfort that we associate with Smart-Homes. They are failsafe, affordable and easy to use and offer you the peace of mind you deserve, despite your busy life and the many demands on your time.

Leadership Team
Aamod Wagh
Founder and CEO
Aamod is the Founder and CEO of TigerTech, a startup with a vision to make Safe and Secure Homes available and affordable to all in India. A top Consultant and a Sales and Marketing Leader in various technology companies, Aamod’s career spans over 25 years across Australasia, Europe and USA. It is in the US that he discovered the power of home security and automation solutions and the implications of making them available in India. He moved to India in 2016 to set up TigerTech to realize this vision.
Aamod is a Formula one junkie and he and his entire family are committed animal rights activists. He lives in Pune with his wife and his youngest Dog-ter Bella while his daughters Trisha & Rhea are based in the US.
Geeta Wagh
Co-Founder and Customer Happiness Chief
Geeta is a Global Health & Fitness Professional, and has managed wellness programs in various capacities for over two decades. She is adept at building lasting customer relationships and is proficient in customer advocacy. She is uniquely qualified to handle operations and customer support programs for TigerTech and drive the Customer Service and Customer Delight Programs, making it a distinct differentiator for the organization.
Being a dedicated health and fitness fanatic, Geeta has installed a Smart Sensor on the refrigerator at her home to deter her family from sneaking out the ice-cream at midnight.